Clíodhna Episode 4 - The Fairy Ring

Released: May 5th, 2019
Duration: 31:10

Cast and Crew

Clíodhna         Katharina Golz
Rórdán         Thorsten Renk
Rathnait         Aino Renk
Treasa         Riina Renk
Úna         Laura Golz
Aoibheann         Kerstin Padelat
Fionnula         Christiane Golz
Villagers         Emma Ojanen
        Miika Lehmuskoski
        Jani Pirkkalainen
        Anssi Lahtinen
        Mikko Uusimäki
        Tapio Virtanen
        Teemu Kalliokoski
        Ronja Tuovinen
voice acting         Isabelle Golz
        Finn Richter
        Henrietta Turto
        Cedrik Brunk
        Lukas Rohrmüller
story         Thorsten Renk
director         Katharina Golz
camera         Thorsten Renk
sound supervision         Thorsten Renk
on-site sound recording         Jani Pirkkalainen
sound design         Katharina Bär
music         Damiano Baldoni
        Alexander Nakarada
casting         Katharina Golz
coordination         Katharina Golz
plough horse trainer         Ane Tourunen


Getting older for a village girl means more responsibilities, but when her two friends Treasa and Úna invite her to come and play, Rathnait cares little that she is supposed to learn how to spin wool. The trio starts out gathering berries, but soon it moves into a game of warrior princesses, and unaware of their surroundings, the girls stray into the swamp - which in the village is known as the realm of the fairy folk. At the equinoxes, the borders between this and other worlds are thin, and the fairies roam the valley to play their tricks (as Rórdán has to learn as well) - and soon Úna falls under a spell which makes her forget the real world. Dismayed, the girls do not dare to return to their parents and instead turn to Clíodhna for help. However, the young witch from the South has never dealt with the fairy folk before and so needs to remember old valley wisdom to help Úna.

Rathnait, Treasa and Úna playing warriors.

Under the spell of the fairies.

Clíodhna takes Úna back to the fairies.

The movie

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The DVD edition - title menu

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