Clíodhna Episode 5 - Rime Fever

Released: November 15th, 2019
Duration: 44:12

Cast and Crew

Clíodhna         Katharina Golz
Rórdán         Thorsten Renk
Ailbhe         Doris Münster
Caoimhe         Doris Münster
Caoileann         Emma Ojanen
        Mareike Faul (voice)
Meister Bran         Pekka Ahonen
        Reinhard Kuhnert (voice)
The Other Witch         Raija Siltala
        Andrea Turto (voice)
Siofra         Isabelle Golz
Treasa         Riina Renk
Úna         Laura Golz
Aedan         Juho Järvinen
Villagers         Katri Alatalo
        Miikka Iivonen
        Juho Järvinen
        Veera Koskela
        Jasmina Kovasiipi
        Hanna Kovasiipi-Marcus
        Miika Lehmuskoski
        Nea Levaniemi
        Minna Liukko
        Sakarias Liukko
        Risto Nieminen
        Tarja Nieminen
        Ilari Pirkkalainen
        Jani Pirkkalainen
        Aino Renk
        Riina Renk
        Raija Siltala
        Ronja Tuovinen
voice acting         Julia Breuer (Rórdán's mother)
        Felix Heyderich (man at Rórdáns home)
        Christiane Golz (Fionnula)
        Finn Richter (young Rórdán)
        Murf Köhler (tavern background)
        Isabelle Golz (tavern background)
story         Thorsten Renk
director         Katharina Golz
camera         Thorsten Renk
        Katharina Golz
aerial camera operation         Thorsten Renk
editing         Thorsten Renk
special effects         Thorsten Renk
sound supervision         Thorsten Renk
on-site sound recording         Jani Pirkkalainen
sound design         Katharina Bär
        Thorsten Renk
music         Damiano Baldoni
casting         Katharina Golz
mass scene catering         Sirkku Mennala
mass scene coordination         Katharina Golz
        Sirkku Mennala
mass scene assistant         Miia Levaniemi
makeup         Minna Liukko
        Katharina Golz


It is winter in Gleann an Phéine, the time around midwinter when the old year fades and the new year is not yet born, the time between the years which is considered a dangerous time. A disease strikes the village, a fever some suspect may be the dreaded Rime Fever that years ago killed many of the villagers and left orphaned children behind - who are now adults, dreading to re-live through the horror again. When the young witch Clíodhna is finally asked to help contain the sickness, she applies her knowledge of healing --- yet people quickly start to wonder whether she is at all the right person for the task. And then she discovers that someone has broken through her protective magic and has laid a curse upon the village...

Clíodhna casts a protective spell.

Rime fever takes its toll.

Master Bran at work.

The movie

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