Of Momentuous Revelations

of Unshakable Resolve defying Fate itself and of the Price to be paid for Both

Three tales from the Fay Realm

Experience a richly described phantastic world where the immortal fay can use their magic gifts as easily as breathing to change the realm around them - and yet are bound to fate decreed by the Wyrd. A realm where rainbows can form bridges, where spirits roam freely and where a night might last eternally in some places. Read of the fay who, after centuries of practice, might be deadly fighters with their weapons - or with words, and who have had the time to develop a keen sense of aesthetics and to approach many questions with deep philosophy - and yet are still surprised by the wonders around them, and are sometimes manipulated by powers beyond their ken.

Volume 1 of Tales from the Fay Realm combines the three stories Of a Web, cunningly wrought, under an Eternal Starry Sky, The Hall of Immanent Knowledge and Across the Rainbow Bridge in a single book, in addition to an appendix that describes the nature of the fay realm and its inhabitants.

Of a Web, cunningly wrought, under an Eternal Starry Sky

On his century-old quest to find the Wind that Softly moves the Treetops at Night, a legendary thief who once stole the most precious possession of his people, Roanai the Wanderer arrives at Nyacea, the legendary city at the end of the world, built atop a giant water lily. But even shortly after stepping of the ship, he finds himself involved in a chain of events outside of his control. A visit to a seer provides him with more questions than answers, a challenge to a duel brings him sudden fame and leads him among courtiers, and his sudden impulse to save a faya from jumping to her death places unexpected obligations on him. Eventually he must realize that he is involves in a story with roots much deeper than he could have imagined, and that the only help might come from a very unexpected direction.

A tale of a fateful meeting, intrigue and plans within plans combining action and romance with classic drama.

The Hall of Immanent Knowledge

After many toils to hunt down ancient lore and solve the riddles posed by text on old parchments, Tanima and Vardai feel finally rewarded for all their efforts when they reach the Hall of Immanent Knowledge. Only the fabled Guardian - an entity mentioned but not really explained in descriptions of the Hall, can block their path. While Vardai tries to ascertain the nature of the threat the Guardian poses, Tanima enters the Hall and sees her wildest dreams surpasses as she browses through parchments and finds one gem of unexpected knowledge after the other. Yet when the Guardian finally appears, she needs to confront disturbing questions - is 'immanent' knowledge really what she is seeking - and what exactly is knowledge?

A tale with a philosophical touch that explores the question of what can be known and why.

Across the Rainbow Bridge

And old verse states that only three fay may ever attempt to cross the mysterious Rainbow Bridge - only one will succeed, one will turn back and one will die. When Tanima, Dravai and Roanai meet one day, each attempting to cross the bridge, they have to face the question whether fate as spelled out by the verse truly determines their actions - and if so, they must find out who among them is worthy to cross the bridge and who deserves to die.

A tale of complicated and shifting relationships exploring paradoxes and the question of what it means if events are predestined.

Book trailer - Impressions of the Fay Realm

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