Clíodhna, the main character of the movie, is a young witch from the south who recently moved to the valley when she sensed the impending death of her predecessor, Fionnula, and took over the hut and guardianship of the valley when Fionnula died, as is the witches way.

She is used to a warmer climate and not overly happy with the cold winters in the valley, but all in all likes the place and takes her responsibilities seriously - the fact that she has a shrewd sense of humor and a deep-rooted optimism certainly helps.

Clíodhna in the forest

The villagers, used to the stern crone Fionnula are certainly not finding it easy to accept advice by a young woman and sometimes let her feel this - but appearances can be deceiving, Clíodhna commands potent magic.

Clíodhna summoning a lost soul into smoke

Played by         Katharina Golz
First appearance         Episode 1
Important in         all episodes


As assistant of the local blacksmith, Rórdán is a moderately important person in the village, and since he's usually level-headed and fair, he has become something like the village's bailiff, often called upon by the village elders when there is a problem to solve (though that role has never been formalized). As a result, he is also often tasked to speak to the 'new witch' and is one of the first villagers to get to know Clíodhna better - which is not without problems, as he has a firm idea from Fionnula how a witch should behave...

Rórdán out in the valley

Besides his work in the smithy, Rórdá is also an experienced tracker and hunter who knows many of the hidden corners of the valley.

Rórdán on a winter hunt

Played by         Thorsten Renk
First appearance         Episode 1
Important in         all episodes


As the old guardian of the valley, Fionnula is used to dealing with the villagers in her own way and knows the magic of the land well. She is not happy to pass all responsibility into the hands of a young witch from the south, but as she feels her end approaching, she has to trust that Clíodhna will solve things in her own way.

Fionnula in her hut

Played by         Christiane Golz
First appearance         Episode 1
Important in         all episodes


Being a young villager and mother of Treasa (who is not exactly a well-behaved child), Siofra finds herself struggling to keep her family warm and fed after making the decision to marry for love rather than property. More than once, she has felt trapped in the valley and overwhelmed by circumstances, and yet she does not see a choice and has to do her chores to the best of her ability. And there's something in her past which connects her with Rórdán...

Siofra taking a break

Played by         Isabelle Golz
First appearance         Episode 2
Important in         Episodes 2, 5 and 7


Gleann an Phéine is a harsh place to live, but being born into one of the truly poor families, Cian has seen more hardship in his life than most. Yet he does not want to end up like his father and is determined to do whatever he can to improve his position.

Cian on the way to work

Played by         Murf Köhler
First appearance         Episode 2
Important in         Episode 2


A trader from the South who visits Gleann an Phéine only a handful of times every year, Caradoc is not part of the village community. Nevertheless popular with the villagers - with the adults, since he provides goods the village can't manufacture, and especially with the kids who enjoy his stories. When he is in the village he usually sleeps in the smithy and rarely misses the opportunity to empty a few glasses of apple wine with Rórdán.

Caradoc travelling towards the pass

Played by         Carl Golz
First appearance         Episode 2
Important in         Episode 2


As one of the richest villagers, Ailbhe keeps horses to work the fields and transport wood and can afford to employ several farmhands. Her parents died young, and since her twin-sister Caoimhe is blind, she is used to shouldering the responsibility for the property from an early age.

Ailbhe talking to the witch

Played by         Doris Münster
First appearance         Episode 1
Important in         Episodes 3, 5, 6 and 7


Ailbhe blind twin sister Caoimhe is a gentle and empathic woman. Since she is unable to do much work besides embroidery, she has plenty of time to follow her thoughts and imaginations - sometimes it seems she is not fully of this world. Rórdán, one of the few villagers who enjoys talking philosophy as much as she does is a good friend of hers.

Caoimhe enjoying the sun

Played by         Doris Münster
First appearance         Episode 3
Important in         Episodes 3, 5 and 6


In a way, Caoileann is an example for an average villager. Together with her husband Aedan and her daughter Üna, she lives in a solidly built house rather than a squalid hut, and the family can afford to keep a number of animals such as chicken and sheep for wool. She is on good terms with Rórdán who often comes by for a cup of tea and a chat.

Caoileann in hier home

Played by         Emma Ojanen
First appearance         Episode 2
Important in         Episodes 5 and 7


Bradach is one of the hunters in the village - often he is away somewhere in the valley for an extended period of time. Roughly of the same age as Rórdán, the two sometimes roam the forests together, but unlike Rórdán, Bradach has no other way to make his living. He is one of the villagers who have seen something of the world, in younger years he left the valley to serve as a mercenary in the South, but his hopes of finding riches never materialized before he returned.

Bradach coming home late at night

Played by         Tomi Kuula
First appearance         Episode 7
Important in         Episode 7

Ailbhe's servant

All the magic and adventuring may be exciting, but there need to be people who do the day to day work. Ailbhe's servant is one of them - and given all he has to do in the village - who would deny him a good meal and a large jar of beer in the evenings?

Ailbhe's servant doing his duty

Played by         himself
First appearance         Episode 2
Important in         his own way


Children in the village have to grow up fast and help the adults. Rathnait, born into a moderately wealthy family, is on the verge of ending her carefree childhood days and learn the skills she will need as an adult - such as spinning the wool her family produces to thread. Yet she would much prefer to still roam the forests with her friends Treasa and Úna...

Rathnait trying to learn to spin

Played by         Aino Renk
First appearance         Episode 1
Important in         Episodes 2 and 4


Siofra's daughter Treasa is not always a source of joy for her mother - adventurous and strong-willed, she often ignores what her parents say, and worse, she also often tempts Rathnait into neglecting her duties. Yet she is an inseparable part of the trio of village kids.

Treasa being chided by her mother

Played by         Riina Renk
First appearance         Episode 1
Important in         Episodes 2 and 4


It might be unusual for someone as young as Úna to be friends with Treasa and much older Rathnait, but in a place as small as Gleann an Phéine, there is not much choice, and so the three girls have been hanging out together since Úna could walk. Usually she lets the older girls pick the rules of the game they play, but sometimes she develops her own ideas - which leads to quarrels.

Úna, the youngest of the trio of village girls

Played by         Laura Golz
First appearance         Episode 1
Important in         Episodes 2 and 4


As Rathnait's godmother, Aoibheann is partially responsible for educating the girl in the skills needed in the village. This often requires from her to be more strict than it usually would be her nature.

Aoibheann in the village

Played by         Kerstin Padelat
First appearance         Episode 2
Important in         Episode 4


Master Bran, the village's blacksmith, is not only one of the most important people in the village but also Rórdáns foster-father since the time Rórdáns family died of Rime-fever. Like every smith, being acquainted with the magic of iron, he is wise in his own ways.

Master Bran at the forge

Played by         Pekka Ahonen
First appearance         Episode 5
Important in         Episodes 5 and 6


As the owner of the village tavern, Grainne is used to both listening to the sorrows of her patrons as well as to the hard work to keep everything running. Somewhat surprisingly, she is also part of the circle, the group of villagers who celebrate the mysteries of the year together with the witch.

Grainne in the village tavern

Played by         Andrea Turto
First appearance         Episode 6
Important in         Episode 7

Lídan and Bregon

A young couple from different social levels of the village, Líadan and Bregon do not have an easy life ahead: Bregon must prove to Eoghan, the father of his bride that he's really cut out to do hard work. But for a moment at least, their handfasting is a joyful occasion for the whole village.

Líadan and Bregon after the handfasting

Played by         Ronja Tuovinen and Teemu Kalliokoski
First appearance         Episode 6
Important in         Episode 6

The other witch

Far up the valley, in the no-man's land where the mountains start and the terrain becomes barren lives another witch. No one (except possibly Fionnula) ever knew of her, and yet she seems bent on opposing Clíodhna with her own magic on every turn.

The other witch

Played by         Raija Siltala
First appearance         Episode 3
Important in         Episode 5

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