A Sword and his Hero

The humorous series A Sword and his Hero is based on a collection of short stories by Sebastian Wolf. It follows the adventures of a young man who aspires to be a hero and one day finds a magic sword falling into his lap (or rather, on his head). But what he did not expect is that the sword can talk - and insists in teaching him to be a hero by telling him exactly what to do!


There's only two main characters in the series - the Sword and the Hero - and we follow them in their travels and adventures.

The Sword

The sword is an ancient magical being, world-wise and experienced in all arts of adventuring. Having witnessed more than one legendary battle in the fist of a true hero, it has a rather strong opinion on what being a hero actually is about - and doesn't shy away from telling that opinion.

The sword trying to attract a new wielder

Spoken by         Johannes Beck

The Hero

Just away from home and the prospect of a boring life, the hero is in search of an adventure. Does he know fighting? Sure, he's practiced against strawmen - and can kill a tree any time. Does he know what heroism is? Sure, he has heard all the old tales...

The young hero in search of an adventure

Played by         Thorsten Renk


In Episode 1: A Sword finds his Hero, we witness a meeting that will change the fate of the aspiring hero forever - fate throws a magical sword into his lap. Or rather, on his head:

In Episode 2: An Introduction to Heroism, the hero is told that he'd better train his fighting skills. But the search for a suitable sparring partner turns out to unexpectedly complicated:

In Episode 3: The Bandit, the hero faces for the first time an enemy who seriously tries to kill him - and discovers that winning battles isn't quite as he had imagined:

In Episode 4: Love, the sword surprises the hero with some reflections on a very human feeling - love:

In Episode 5: Helene, we meet an old acquaintance of the sword who is just as talkative:

In Episode 6: Delicious, the sword is curious about the simple pleasures of human(oid) life:

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