Simulated Spaceflight

The Space Shuttle for FlightGear

Using the OpenSource flight simulation FlightGear where I am active as developer, I'm co-ordinating a team trying to create a highly realistic simulation of the Space Shuttle. The flight dynamics modeling is handled by JSBSim which is a very powerful code allowing to enter all the detailed information on coefficients and thruster performance and orientation that can be obtained from papers on the NASA technical reports server as well as supporting complicated flight control logics and systems smulation. Many of the visuals in space are done by dedicated GLSL effects (such as for widening of the thruster plumes outside the atmosphere or the hard shadows in space). The current version of the Shuttle can be flown more or less by the crew manual, but is still lacking in realistic avionics.

For more details click the image or view the project's wiki page or try it from the development repository on SourceForge.

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