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16.04.2024: Version 0.7 of the Worldbuilder project is available with Tutorials on simulating non-planar orbits of exoplanets.

02.08.2022: Version 0.3 of the Historical Battle Simulation - is now published, taking into account the effects of terrain on warfare.

03.04.2024: The teaser for Clíodhna Episode XI 'Guardian of the Valley' is out!

01.03.2023: The first teaser of our movie project Hiiden Kutsu can be watched!

30.11.2022: The ninth episode Samhain of the Clíodhna series is released!

27.11.2022: I'm excited to announce version 0.1 of a new project - the Historical Battle Simulation - a rather un-game-like attempt to create a tool to analyze tactics in ancient warfare.

13.08.2022: The rest of The Physics of Sunsets is online - including a discussion of exotic phenomena like green sunsets or light scattering on ice!

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